These tutorials are step by step recipes which focus on creating and running BRAIN IoT Smart Behaviours. The tutorials aim to be quick to complete and describe actions rather than background detail.

Although virtually all work in BRAIN IoT can be done through an IDE, the tutorials use a shell first approach so that you can choose the IDE you want to use.

A basic familiarity with Java, Git and Maven is assumed.

The git and nexus repositories used in these tutorials are private and can only be accessed by BRAIN-IoT members. When they are published the tutorials will be updated to reference the public respositories.

PrerequisitesRequirements for running these tutorials.
Quick StartRun Smart Behaviour in single container.
Develop Smart BehaviourCreate and package a Smart Behaviour.
Distributed DeploymentRun Smart Behaviour in multiple containers.
Create Fabric in CloudCreate Fabric using AWS EC2 instances.
Create Fabric on-premiseCreate Fabric using existing resources.